Trackless Train Rides In Pakistan Amusement Park

Trackless trains have become one of the most popular amusement rides for Pakistan, attracting kids, families, and the elderly for rides. They are beneficial and require less time to operate. They can be used in theme parks, amusement parks, fairs, carnivals, malls, and other events and venues. They are fun to ride on and save energy and time while sightseeing. The driving cabin pulls the other carriages connected to it. They run on plain surfaces and hence need no tracks. Because of this reason, they are used in several venues without hassle.

Kiddie trackless train for Pakistan

Components of Trackless Train

1. The main component of the train is the body, which is either made of stainless steel or wood.
2. Comfortable and adjustable seats, which makes the ride pleasant and comfortable for the passengers.
3. Warning device which contains a siren to alarm the operator when the battery is dying or any other problem with the ride.
4. A sound box in each carriage.
5. A meter to display battery power, speed, distance, and steering display.
6. A signaling light and LED lights, decorating the train.
7. A shiftier to move the train forward and backward or to halt.
8. A high power rechargeable battery, which lasts for long hours.
9. A disc brake and a pressure button.

Features of Trackless Train Rides in the Park In Pakistan

1. The trackless trains in the Pakistan amusement parks, malls, theme parks, etc are well equipped with flashy LED lights, which attracts the public.
2. The carriages that are attached have audio system controlled by the control room.
3. These trains are made of FRP, which is of high quality, which increases its durability and safety.
4. They are environment-friendly and has attractive designs and colors.
5. They are electrically driven, i.e, they use a battery as a source of power and are easy to operate. The batteries have a very long life and can last for long hours.
6. They are available at a reasonable cost and are easy to maintain.
7. They can easily cooperate with other transportation vehicles.
8. The capacity of these trains is around 18 adults or 25 kids.
9. The maximum speed at which they can be operated is 10km/h and to a distance of 80kms, once the battery is fully charged.
10. It doesn’t make any disturbing noise and is operated within safety.

Tourist trackless train rides

Types of Trackless Trains for Pakistan

Based on the utility, there are different types of trackless trains.

1. Miniature Trackless Train

These are manufactured mainly for kids in different themes. They are fun to ride and attracts kids with their colors and designs. This is just a smaller version of the regular trackless train.

2. Golf Court Train

These types of trains are used to carry minimum passengers and luggage. These are actually commercial trains used for transportation purpose in places like golf court, airport parking, etc to save time and energy.

3. Tourist Train

These trains are mainly used in tourist spots for taking the tourists for sightseeing. It is cheaper than other modes of transport for tourists. These trains can accommodate around 28 people and can be operated at a speed of 35km/h.

4. Theme Park Trains

The exteriors, designing, interiors, colors and lighting of these trains are modified according to the theme. They are attractive and comes in different varieties. Some of them include ocean theme, animal theme, retro trains, etc.

5. Mall Train Shopping malls ( trackless trains as one of the rides to attract kids. They contain 4 or 5 cabins, which have closed or open top and can accommodate around 15 people.

Things to consider before buying a trackless train

1. First and foremost thing to consider is to whether the train is required for entertaining guests or for commercial purpose or to provide them transportation. If the train is for a fair or an event or for a mall, the appearance of the train matters a lot to attract the people.
2. The capacity of the train is also to be considered, depending on the place it is to be used.
3. The investment cost and maintenance cost and the ease of operation.
4. The quality of the products used in the manufacturing of the train and after sales service.
5. The distance it covers is to be considered, mainly in case of transportation trains.

Trackless trains can be very beneficial and generate huge profits with low maintenance cost and a one-time investment for your park in Pakistan.